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Redditch Local History Society


The picture shows Ernie Cater's team await to demolish 59 back-to-back houses in Britten Street as part of the Councils 1958 slum clearance scheme.

Councillor J.H. Taylor swings the sledge hammer for the first symbolic blow.

‘Historic Artefacts of the Redditch Local History Society’ from the 25th October to the 26th November.

Forge Mill Needle Museum Gallery

In the eight years since the Redditch Local History Society was formed, it has collected a wide range of artefacts related to the history of the town. These artefacts have been donated both by members of the Society and the public.  These include an extensive collection of photographs, original ledgers and journals, mounted paintings and prints, service awards and many physical artefacts. As we do not have a heritage centre or an archive depository, these are safely stored by Society members at their homes. All the archives are catalogued in an on-line database and their location identified.

Although safely stored for the future the archives are rarely seen as a collection but this year Forge Mill Needle Museum has given the Society the opportunity to display a wide selection of these artefacts in their exhibition gallery.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 25th October to Sunday 26th November 2017. On each Wednesday there will be “Drop In” days when members of the Society will be present to discuss the exhibition and, on these days, there will also be a touch screen computer which has all the artefacts in digital form plus much more.

Wednesday 15th November has been designated as "Drop-in & Donate Day" at the exhibition. The RLHS is hoping that seeing the artefacts on display will prompt visitors to dig out artefacts that they have and bring them along to the society, either to donate them to its archives, or to let it copy them to include in its records. The society welcomes photographs, newspaper cuttings, booklets and documents about Redditch history as well as physical items such as badges, souvenirs and typical items manufactured in the town.