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Q Why are you based at Forge Mill Needle Museum ?

A The history of modern Redditch is that of the Industrial Revolution and the glory of the town was based on the development of the needle industry. All other products, fishing hooks, springs, motor cycles etc, followed from this expertise. Forge Mill is our town museum, and it is appropriate that we should be based there.

Q Does the Bordesley Abbey site fit into your objectives ?

A Bordesley Abbey was a major factor in the history of England and the development of Redditch.  So, yes, we are concerned with everything which has played a part in the creation of the town of Redditch.

Q Are you a non-profit organisation?

A Absolutely! All income from any source goes directly towards the cost of our activities. No individual member can benefit financially from the activities of the society.

Q Can anyone join your group?

A We welcome all views and expertise which conform to our overall aims to improve accessibility of Redditch History to the local population and visitors.

Q You hold all your meetings in the afternoon. I am not retired!  How can I take part?

A We are very aware that there many people who are not able to meet a fixed meeting schedule  (even retired people!) and so we have put in place a web based forum and bulletin board allowing members who cannot attend meetings to take part and contact other members.

Q What is your membership fee?

A Our membership fee is £10 per annum per member.