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The next meeting of the Society is on
Monday  3rd March 2014 at 2:00pm at the Forge Mill Needle Museum.
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Meeting report (3rd February 2014)
We had a well-attended meeting for our 3rd February meeting which is the last we will be holding at Forge Mill Needle Museum as we have 'outgrown' the room size. The presentation, by Tony Green, was on 'restoring an historic Redditch-made Battery for the Kempton Great Engines Trust and the Story of Nickel-Cadmium Battery Manufacture in the Town. This was well received and several ex-Alcad employees joined us for the talk.

After tea/coffee and biscuits, and an opportunity for members to have further discussions with Tony, our latest leaflet of events and activities were issued to all those present, and future activities were discussed.

In 1964 Redditch was designated a New Town and to mark the 50 year anniversary, the town is planning a host of activities throughout the year and, of course, the RLHS will play its part.
From the 12th to 30th March, at the Forge Mill needle Museum, we will have the third, and final, part of our Redditch History exhibitions, Redditch History Part 3, covering this 50 year period since the town was designated a New Town in 1964 to this, the anniversary year. Derek asked the group to help to supply specific dates for a number of events where only approximate dates are known, and to suggest any events which are not listed. During the exhibition, there will be 'drop in' sessions to allow people to come and tell their stories. We have a 'Heritage Event' at Redditch Library on 26 July 2014 as part of the SO-Redditch Festival week and the timeline and other selections from our Part 3 exhibition will be on display in the Library Gallery during this week. (Contact Derek Coombes). The S0-Redditch web site can be found at http://www.so-redditch.info.

In our Constitution we have that 'The Society shall be managed by a committee of members who are appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society. The Management Committee consists of three principal officers, namely Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and other members. A group was formed to set the agenda for the AGM and the membership of the Committee will be discussed and confirmed at that meeting.

The RLHS has an on-line history forum which was started 4 years ago. Sadly, although it has a lot of potential for the exchange of information, it has not been well used and members were asked to support this forum which is at http://history.redditchforum.org.uk

The Heritage Day at Forge Mill will be on 1st June. Graham Smith confirmed that there will be five Saturday Bandstand Festival days and a Morton Stanley Park Festival Weekend during the year. Dates and activities will be confirmed soon.

Our next meeting will be at Redditch Library on the 3rd March and will be a talk by Graham Downie on the 'Fairground Calendar: the pattern of the showman's year'.
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